We are so pregnant.

We discovered we were pregnant whist we were camping in Stirling Range National Park back in September…

Naturally being in a quite remote location it was initially speculation and so we spent our last 4 days talking about the “what if’s” and pondering the future of what it could look like for us as a mum and dad.  It was a really nice segue into learning we were about to start a new journey together.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.23.12 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.23.46 PM

In all honesty – I was not ready!  Mike had mapped everything out in his mind and I was definitely in denial until we saw the actual results.

We laughed together when we discovered the news, and then I totally freaked in my mind and lay on the floor (half hyperventilating) for the first few minutes.  The overwhelming voice in my head said loud and clear “Holly – life is not going to revolve around you anymore!”.

When the dust settled in my thoughts, I realised I was really happy and perhaps this was how I would finally phase myself into some form of adulthood.

This surprised me… I’d always been very unsure of how I felt about reproducing, and have been vocal about not being sure if I was really into it.  Suddenly I felt very ok with starting a family with Mike.  We had talked about it the past few years – but it always came down to (yes – lets try next year).  Suddenly it was right now.  Next year was always my buffer haha and lately Mike has been reminding me of my age (which I’ve also been in slight denial about).  I’ll be nearly 32 when the baby is born.  It feels like everything has fallen in to place right when it was meant to.  Sometimes I sort of forget how old I am.

The news comes at a really great time for us, as we can also share with you the news that we are moving to New Zealand in early February.

I was granted my visa a few weeks after we learned we are due to be parents.  This comes after a year of planning and paperwork.  I actually cried I was so happy when we got the news.

We’ve just been to Eneabba and Coorow this past weekend to say our farewells.  After our country tour we brought Tess back with us to the city.  She’s back with us, finally!  We will be getting her ready for her flight over in the next few weeks.  She has literally fused herself into my side of the bed and has taken up any space that I unwillingly relinquish…like a cunning thief.  It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable she makes herself.

I’m too soft.  I’m just happy she’s cozy.

It has been bitter sweet – knowing our time in Australia is winding down…we’re both going to miss our friends here.  We have met some incredible people, but there are some equally awesome people waiting for us in New Zealand and I’m truly looking forward to the adventure of starting our family and placing down some roots.

I was really hoping to show you a photo of our 4 month bump – but it will have to wait until Mike is back on his next swing in two weeks.  I’ll try to set up a super tacky family portrait.

In the mean time here is a photo I took during a particularly rough bout of morning sickness…(which has thankfully only recently lifted).

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.20.51 PM

Of course – this blog will always feature the beauty of local flora and fauna, and I cannot wait to capture what treasures await us in New Zealand.

I hope I’ll see you here soon.


Holly, Mike & Tess

ps.  I just want to acknowledge my amazing dad.  He has sent me the biggest care package of junk food ever – and a hilarious doodle of what looks like I’m the size of a hippopotamus carrying a wee little baby in my belly.  I laughed pretty hard when I saw the proportions.  And then panicked a little ahah.

22 thoughts on “We are so pregnant.

    • Good evening Jolynn, thank you so much for the support. You know, I’ve heard that New Zealand is a bio-diverse hotspot…and that they have plenty of orchids (this has piqued my interest!) and strange birds. Hopefully we’ll get some good stories and images to share here for you. One baby bump coming up! xo

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    • Hi Jillian,

      Yes – it’s been a long process to finally get approved – and there have been people awaiting us for a bit of time now! We’re so excited to make the leap and so grateful that there will be family everywhere we go. It’s going to be awesome. I hope you’re doing well – and I’m sure you’ll be seeing us soon too. xo


  1. What wonderful news. What exciting changes. Babies and a move to Aotearoa. I look forward to your cameras view of my land of birth.
    Enjoy the journey of growing this new soul. I too am about to step into a new roll, our first grand baby is due to appear in the world within the next couple of weeks. My daughter is bringing us a wee girl to add to the family line of amazing women (that’s us 😊)
    Congratulations again

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    • Congratulations to you becoming a grandma/nana, that must be so exciting for you to welcome in a strong little female member of the family! Being a grandma would be such a joy. I hope she’s happy and healthy and arrives in good time! We’ll definitely be capturing all of the splendor that we find. I feel there is so much left in Australia to capture but thankfully it will never be too far for a trip over. We’ll have to pop up to Queensland sometime and see what it’s like up there! xo

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  2. Congratulations Holly and Mike. We really don’t know each other but I’ve sort of been following your blog and great photos from afar in Melbourne. Strange but I am almost sad that you’re leaving Aust and feel like I will miss you…
    Good luck in NZ

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    • Good morning Ros, I feel almost guilty leaving myself…I feel there is so much left to see in this massive country. I hope you’ve come over to Western Australia at some point, or that the blog at least inspires a trip over – it’s an inspiring place. It’s cool to hear that you’ve been following along… I’ve always loved spending time in Melbourne. It’s a really forward thinking city.


    • Hey Elaine, couldn’t be more right about that. Sometimes I’d joke with Mike that I’d be about 80 years old before I was mentally committed to having a baby… haha. I think it’s the best time to start and am glad everything has worked out this way. Mike – is thrilled! ahaha. I’m pretty excited, and have been observing changes in my mind, my body etc already. Pretty cool stuff.

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  3. Félicitations to you both! If it is any comfort, I felt exactly as you did when I found out I was pregnant a very long time ago. Ambiguous, unwilling to give up my life, not wanting to be defined by motherhood, etc, etc. I was also 32 when my son was born. Then a daughter a few years later. Now they are grown, happy adults and I look forward to becoming a grandma one day! BTW, dogs are a great way to test the waters. Our first ‘kids’ were French bulldogs. 😉

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    • There comes a lot of change and responsibility in raising children and I think having so many years to think about it (over think it even!) made me more aware of all the things that would never be the same. I’m mildly vain and so naturally a lot of my reluctance is around the changes my body is about to go through. That’s probably the scariest thing apart from the fact that until the day we die we will be worrying about our little one. Literally already worrying about the baby everyday – and it’s safe and protected in my body. I’m a bit of a worrier… Mike can vouch for that!

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