The Bump.

Photo on 20-12-15 at 2.47 PM #2

Hey everyone, this is the belly today as we near 5 months.  I took another photo last week with my pro camera, but I’m kind of actually very naked in it…

Tess has been moping and looks really sad most of the time.  However, tomorrow her adventure begins!  We will both be on our way to New Zealand for the holidays to spend some time with Mike and his awesome family.

Mike flew out yesterday morning – and whilst I’ll be travelling tomorrow I won’t actually arrive until Wednesday, due to the fact that I rushed and booked a flight without looking at the 24 hour stop over….haha in Brisbane.

The silver lining: I’ve never actually been to Queensland and am so stoked I get to spend a night and day in Brisbane in a swanky hotel near the river.

Do you have any special holiday traditions?  

I’d love to hear what you and your loved ones do each Christmas…

Sending you all love and cheer.


Holly, Mike, Baby and Tess.

14 thoughts on “The Bump.

    • Hey Judy, thank you! It’s kind of funny – the other day at work a colleague said he hadn’t really noticed the bump until this week when it was like “bam” in your face baby belly. It definitely popped out the past 7 days.

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      • That’s the way of these bumps sometimes.
        My daughters bump turned into a beautiful baby girl Thursday last week so we are very happy grandparents. She is my first mokopuna………there is a lovely Maori word for you as you move to Aotearoa


        • Oh wow, congratulations!! That’s a pretty amazing holiday gift. Saying the word mokopuna out loud – it sounds beautiful. 🙂 Thank you for the new word. I’m hoping to learn many more (and will likely sign up for some classes). xx

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          • I too have begun Te Reo classes. So enjoying learning the language of my land of birth even though I have not lived there for 40 years. A wonderful teacher began classes here on the Sunshine Coast this last term.


  1. So I went and looked at my 5 month photos. You are much slimmer than I ever was. So you will handle the rest of the pregnancy like a champ. Self loathing is kicking in, but that’s nothing unusual! You look great, wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!


  2. wonderful shot of the bump…. happy holidays to Mike You and Tess… One of my favorite holiday traditions is having a Santa gift under our tree Christmas morning. We wrap all but the one most wonderful gift for each child. So this year Christopher wanted a small guitar from Santa… we heard him say this to Santa at a school concert /party. So I wrap all of his gifts( clothes, games, Toys) but the Santa gift before Christmas… looks nice and saves from trying to do all the wrapping on Christmas Eve. Then place the Santa gift out on the floor unwrapped Christmas night so on Christmas morning their is a gift just from Santa waiting when he gets up out of bed… usually it is some thing that he has asked for and the rest of the stuff is from mom and dad… This year our Granddaughter and Christopher will get to share one Santa gift as it is to big to wrap… a swing set for the back yard on top of two smaller gifts for each of them… so Santa was very giving this year… Merry Christmas.

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    • Hello Jolynn – We did have any awesome Christmas with Mikes extended family – followed by a beautiful wedding of Mike’s cousin and her new husband a few days later. It’s been such a nice trip! The special gift that Santa left for the kids was probably most loved and I really like the idea of not wrapping it and having Santa quickly drop it off… that’s a cool spin on the tradition. I hope they enjoyed the swing set. Happy early New Year!!!

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    • Hey Jen, thank you for popping in and leaving us a note! We’re currently in Wellington getting ready for a flight back to Perth tomorrow morning. I’ve been loving the weather here and am so stoked for next month when we return permanently. I took a little cheeky peek at your blog and – wow robbie is so much older. Without Facebook – I feel I’ve completely missed out on him growing the past couple of years. Also huge congrats to you and Bruce with your second Morgan. They are both so cute. 🙂


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