A hairy werewolf unknowingly roams Brisbane.

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I think it was Boxing Day morning in Palmerston North, New Zealand that Mike and I were laying in bed and I noted that I was seeing some changes happening in my body.

It’s not the first change though.  I’ve been observing these changes over the past few months and at times make a point of highlighting them to Mike.

The first time it happened, I was telling Mike about some photographs I’d seen of women online who had stretch marks.  I was casually mentioning that I already had a few on my legs and chest from puberty when he confirmed…

“Yes you have a lot”.

I suddenly realised that my “invisible” stretch marks where actually not and my mind shattered. Literally all this time I’ve been deluded thinking no one ever noticed them.  Haha people have just been kind, until that moment.

A few weeks later, I was basically complaining that I was feeling swollen and that I was begining to get large, when Mike turned and said…

“Just wait until you’re a whale!”.

I laughed and then stared at him.  What?  Immediately he realised this was probably the wrong thing to say…

Lastly, brings us back to boxing day in bed.  I have started to notice this soft peach like fuzz is growing on my shoulders, and tummy and was pointing it out when Mike turned and said…

“and also your face”.

I was horrified.  He stroked my cheek and intimated where it was growing.

Oh my god.  What the hell…?  I’m turning into a man.  How did I not notice this on my face too?  We joked about how to sort out the situation, though now I’m a little paranoid to be honest.  He does make me laugh and if anything I can at least laugh at the transformation (however shocking it is) with him.

These photographs were taken in Brisbane.  Which is a really cool city.  I was able to roam about and take it all in before meeting Mike in Wellington the next day.  I’m keen to head back to Queensland sometime and see the State’s rain forests.

  1. The Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane is free and definitely worth checking out on the Southbank.
  2. That smoked salmon eggs benedict was amazing (just look at that massive portion of salmon!).  It was found at Jimmy’s on the Mall in the heart of the CBD.  It was the perfect place to eat outside and people watch as locals rushed to work.  The place was a mad rush of Christmas shopping.
  3. Tess made it safe and sound to Wellington, and is a very happy dog in the country.  She’s with Mike’s mum for the next few weeks before we return.  Thankfully her journey over was really well handled by a pet travel company called “Jet Pets”.  We couldn’t rate them more highly.  If you’re looking to send your pets overseas – while they do charge a hefty fee; they really look after your pet in a very loving and considerate way all throughout the journey.  Tess was taken on walks, fed and given ample time outside of her crate through her journey.
  4. I didn’t take many photographs in New Zealand as I was generally living in each moment, however Christmas was awesome, and I was able to stay back and enjoy a beautiful wedding between Mikes cousin Sarah and her new husband Derek.
  5. Travelling whilst prego is very exhausting.  I’m currently back in Perth with my feet up enjoying the first day of 2016.

Happy 2016!


8 thoughts on “A hairy werewolf unknowingly roams Brisbane.

  1. Embrace those changes that come with a growing bump. Changes come, changes go, changes change things. You will truly be glowing in a way only a woman can experience, and only for the time you carry your precious bundle for that brief period.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Judy,
      I think I know what you mean by enjoying the changes… and I have been however, the furry hair did surprise me! hahah. I actually sent Mike this video this morning… it’s quite funny (men trying on pregnancy suits to get a bit of an understanding on the strains it can put on your body). I hope you have a really great New Years Eve!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jillian, you’re looking great as well. I found myself admiring your haircut actually when we were chatting! I’m looking forward to the journey back and meeting with everyone properly. This week was nuts. Kudos on the food at the wedding – it was delicious!!


  2. Rest rest rest you will not get time to do it in a few months…. the best advice I ever got from my mother was… sleep when the baby sleeps and the dishes are not going anywhere so enjoy your family… Take care and I am so happy for you !


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