Happy Healthy – Food & Fitness in Perth

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Yesterday I worked with new Perth business: Happy Healthy. Owner Jess is passionate about creating nutritious, organic food and helping inspire others through fitness.  She is kicking off the new year by following her dream full time, and will be providing fitness classes as well as expanding her already successful health snack business.

The location, energy and laughs were awesome, and really made capturing these moments very enjoyable.

After the shoot, Mike and I went to Fremantle, played some arcade games and feasted on some delicious Italian at the always popular Sandrino Cafe.  I had a spicy tomato, parmesan and garlic gnocchi and Mike enjoyed a fresh calamari salad with lemon and garlic aioli.

Tonight I’ll be headed out to the suburbs to get some snaps of a friends young son and daughter by the river.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.36.39 AM

This is the only item we’ve bought for our little baby…  

Early in the day we had our latest ultrasound.  Where we learned the gender of our baby.  What was kind of hilarious (and concerning!) – Mike didn’t make it through the whole scan.  He was feeling very sick being in the hospital, and had to leave the room before he fainted.  This isn’t the first time… and it’s made me wonder how he’s going to manage when we’re actually delivery the baby?  It’s adorable, and concerning.

Do you squirm at hospitals or know someone whom also gets distressed like this? 

2 thoughts on “Happy Healthy – Food & Fitness in Perth

  1. Hi Holly, pleased all going well. Ces & I laughed at the this blog because Bryan is exactly the same and doesn’t cope too well with hospitals, So maybe Mike’s reactions are hereditary??!! Talk soon. Lx0

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    • Hey Lynda, it’s truly a Cresswell phenomenon! Glen also got sick in the hospital when he came in once… The two of them were turning yellow. If Brian does the same, it must be a genetic handover!


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