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This morning the balcony view was stunning.  I stared at the colours until the red and pink faded into blue sky and then promptly fell asleep again.

I’ve just ordered some organic cloth diapers, and waterproof merino wool bottoms for the baby this morning.  If anyone has ever tried these types of diapers/covers before I’d love to know how you went with them.  Naturally we’re prepared for it to be a little gross and more time consuming… and will have some disposables for back up/emergency.

Now, I know some of you may or may not have just rolled your eyes (like my dad probably this this morning when I told him).  Stay with me, the basis for this choice – is the apparent long term cost savings.

This could all end up going “bottoms up” and become a terrible experience as my dad lamented this morning when we spoke.  Either way, if you’ve given it a crack let me know what it was like.

Diapers preferences aside, are there any newborn/baby items you swear by as a mum or dad?  

We’ve only just begun considering the crucial things we’ll need to have ready for a new born. I discovered a blog about eco friendly diapers here, which lead me to the merino woollen covers and eventually down the path to cloth diapers.

Seriously though, any words of wisdom would be much appreciated and welcome.

We’ve been gifted some ridiculously teeny tiny cute outfits, toys and books from our friends here in Perth, and New Zealand.  One item particularly is at first glance odd – but is in fact a small flatout koala bear that is made of sheepskin.  I may or may not have been known to cuddle with it…  I’d never heard of it before, but as an adult I see the appeal of luxuriously soft wool.  It’s irresistible to touch.

Unrelated side note: There has been some good music surfacing online the past few weeks:

And in keeping with the parent theme of this post:  If you love dad jokes – you need to check out this link.  A few of them had us cracking up.

I promise (swear on my heart) not to do this kind of post often.



9 thoughts on “5.00am

  1. Hi Holly,
    I applaud you as a new mother- to- be, to make your own choices, still keeping an open mind to other possibilities if needed! I have experiences with cloth diapers in my early childhood days, when at the age of five and four siblings under me, I had to help my mother and they were cloth diapers that you folded into a triangle and fastened with a big pink or blue diaper pin. When I had my daughter, I wanted to be ecco aware and first and foremost, what would be the best for my little girl’s bottom. Well, this was short lived and I resorted to disposable diapers that made my life so much easier.
    Love and Hugs,
    Therese x0

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    • Hey Therese,

      Thanks for writing. It’s definitely going to be a case of learn and adapt as we go – Do you remember what it was that put you off in the end? I suppose convenience is the #1 factor for most switching over to disposables. I’ve read a lot of mums that use them do take periodic breaks as the constant laundry can be a bit daunting. Which is totally ok.

      I did some rough math and found that if a baby used 7 diapers a day on average you’d likely spend $1,200 a year on disposables. That’s $3,600 by the time the baby is potty trained. Insane. Then I think of the garbage… and it makes me a little sad.

      We’ll try our best and see how we go.

      Oh, I sent dad and email yesterday – if he hasn’t already checked it.

      I hope you have a nice weekend.




  2. Have you considered all the water your washing machine uses to get those diapers clean over the years? Not sure if you’d be saving that much after all..Ive happily been using disposables the last eight months and I don’t regret it


    • Hey thanks for weighing in, it’s always good to get different perspectives. That’s really great that your choices are working really well for your new family.

      I have done a bit of reading just to see if there was any data out there to support peoples concerns about too much water wastage (several people have noted this to me recently) and found that the EPA (American) believes that there is only an increase of 5% water usage when cleaning cloth diapers. Most people do the laundry with other house hold items so I’m not sure how it can be accurately measured, but I would say that a lot of the designs I’ve seen (and the ones I’ve particularly chosen) can be worn multiple times with small liners replaced for less laundry.

      There is some cost analysis solely on the start up cost of cloth vs buying disposables here if you’re interested in reading. http://manvsdebt.com/cloth-diapers/


  3. Hi Holly, I’m weighing in as someone who had children in 1980s and all we knew was cloth nappies although disposables did come in just before my children were potty trained. I loved always having a clean supply in the cupboard. I had two children under the age of three and both in nappies and we managed just fine. It is a matter of disciplined routine. We had a very large nappy bucket filled with a nappy san mixture (placed in the laundry sink) and every nappy was placed in the bucket, after solids were flushed down the loo in the nappy liner. When I was down to the last dozen nappies I did a cold nappy wash in the machine and hung them up outside to be sanitised by the ultra violet in the sunshine. It was never an issue for our family, it was all we knew. All the best whatever decision you decide works for your family, the most important thing is that you enjoy every minute with your baby, they grow up too fast.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It sounds like it worked really well for your family. I love that they can last through more than one child – and that the sun can help take care of the cloth as well. There has been some study to show the chemicals that are in the disposable variety is potentially harmful to the skin of the baby, and so the more time away from that the better. It sounds like there are loads of benefits to making the switch to cloth. I’m optimistic that this is going to be totally fine, and I can’t wait to see our little dude running around in adorable little bum covers haha.

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