Lake Taupo, New Zealand

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We spent two quiet nights at Mike’s Aunt’s bach (a cottage)  which was a short walk from Lake Taupo.  The cicada were blasting away and numbering in the thousands as we walked through the bush to get down to the warm waters.  Native birds were also in high numbers singing and warbling.  At one point Mike even spotted a pair of tui dancing in the trees..

On our first day we took some time to go prawning at Huka Prawn Park.  We caught blue legged males, and spent about 3 hours in the morning sun trying to get them.  It does take patience, as they take their time pulling the meat away before they eat it.  We were able to take all 4 of them home and rustle up a meal with the groceries we’d packed for the trip.  They were really nice with pasta, herbs, butter, garlic, and fresh tomatoes from Mike’s dad’s garden.

Huka Falls is a free attraction, which is only a few minutes from the Prawn Park – We did the short walk to see the powerful deep aqua water rushing past.

I had my first bath in about 7-8 months at the bach and loved the feeling of floating in the water. Let me clarify here, I have been showering!  We also spent some time swimming in the freshwater lake, which is also something I’ve not had the pleasure of doing in a few years… it was so refreshing.  You can also pick up pumice stones straight out of the lake, and many people (us included) have used them to tidy up their feet.

In the evening on the second night, we were treated to the sounds of a Maori family celebrating in their yard nearby with a haka.  It was nearly dusk, and the chanting was really a powerful, entrancing way to end the day.

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