A Forgotten Spider Orchid

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I’ve been looking at some photos in my archives today and came across this orchid (just popping out) from our trip to Stirling Range National Park last September.  It struck me, that I’d not noticed this photograph properly when I first reviewed the images.

It’s a stunner of an orchid, and in admiring it…I suddenly had the thought to look up the orchid season here in New Zealand.

As luck would have it – there is a fantastic site that shows the locations and flowering times for the native orchids throughout the country.  There are some even blooming this month.

It looks like the season is heaviest during the spring/summer period (Oct-Jan) which is awesome.  I’ll hopefully be able to make it out and hike some rugged tracks and be able to bend down for long periods of time by that point!


I’ve also been meaning to get some photos of the spectacular jumping spiders here – but each time I’ve been out with my camera they seem to go into hiding.  We’ve spotted at least 10 different species around our home and Mike’s mums.  I’ll have to keep trying.

Lately, I’m mostly resting, meditating, doing prenatal yoga, reading and taking Tess for little short walks.  The link to the prenatal yoga video was provided to me by a good friend (thanks Emily!) recently and has helped me stretch out muscles that have been – lets say mildly dormant the past few months.  The videography is beautiful (as is the music) and even for someone who might not have a lot of experience (if any) with yoga the narration is gentle and encourages safe practice.  If you’re limited in movement this is a great place to start.

We also did a two day antenatal class this past weekend, and also took a tour of the local hospital.  It was so nice to be around other people who were at the same stage of pregnancy, and could laugh together about all the crazy changes we’ve been going through.

This provided a great place for the partners to ask questions and have open discussions about all the things we were unsure of.  I also loved watching Mike dress a baby and wear a pregnancy suit, it was really a great intro to parenthood for us.  If you do get the chance to sign up for a class I’d highly recommend it.


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