Our darling Wesley.


Wesley Peter Cresswell

Born: June 3rd 2016

We are so smitten with this little man.  Words cannot express the explosion in my chest when he looks at me, or when I see Mike holding him close.

I never really understood what motherhood could feel like – but wow…it’s powerful.

Those cheeks!!  That gorgeous red hair, curious blue eyes, the cute little sighs when he sleeps…ugh I’m totally in love.

We’re home now, after a week in the hospital.  The birth was kind of traumatic and perhaps I’ll write about it at some point here, but for the mean time I think I’ll leave it and talk to some professionals and see how to cope with the memories.  Despite it being difficult and scary – the joy and relief that Wesley is healthy and safe with us diminishes the fear.

His Papa Rick is here now all the way from Canada to meet him, and he’s met a large portion of the Cresswell family…including his great grandma Isabel, nannie Annie and grandad Brian.  We’ll be introducing him to more family soon!

He was 2 weeks past his estimated due date, and upon seeing him in the hospital – one of the midwives exclaimed he was big enough to be going to kindergarten.  He weighed 9lbs…which is massive.  The support we had in the hospital post surgeries was amazing.

The health care system in New Zealand is truly wonderful, and I am thankful we were here to bring Wesley into this world.  Over 20 midwives helped Mike and I care for Wesley and came each night to take him away for cuddles.  They each gave us tips and tricks for raising a new born – and I’ll forever be grateful for thier advice.  I’ve likened it to having about 20 mums on board to help us cope.  With this knowledge our transition home has been very smooth – and while I still have about 6 weeks to recover – I’m pleased at how we’re travelling so far.


Holly, Mike and Wesley

23 thoughts on “Our darling Wesley.

  1. That is beautiful news. Welcome baby Wesley. I thought of you and your little family yesterday and wondered how it was all going and when/bubs had decided to arrive. Congratulations to you both as blessings as you take your steps forward on the parenting journey.

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    • Good afternoon Judy, thank you for such a nice comment! We are definitely knee deep in the journey. Have had some pretty funny moments already – little Wes let out the loudest fart and promptly fell asleep one night…which we couldn’t stop laughing at! I know we’ll treasure all these little moments!

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    • Morning Jessica – thanks for taking the time to come and comment! We’re super happy (tired) but happy…having him home has been really special. I am a weepy mess, sometimes just at the thought of him growing older already!!! I’m going to be that mum… clinging onto these cuddly moments.


    • 🙂 thank you for commenting Sheketechad – to imagine Wesley at 27 is mind boggling at the moment. It will be nice to look back on these months with all the cool memories we make. It will be amazing to see who be becomes. Also, trying my best to rest and recover!

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  2. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Congratulations to you and Mike! He is a handsome young man and I know you two will make great parents. Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday.

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