Fern Walk, Pohangina Valley


Yesterday, I spent two and a quarter hours hiking in the Pohangina Valley, on the search for some local native orchids.  While my flower search was fruitless, the hiking was quite stunning and peaceful.  The air was so refreshing, with no one else around it felt like I’d stepped back in time… I found myself imagining what it must have felt like for the original settlers of New Zealand to inhabit and clear this bush for settlement and farm land.

The emerald coloured fern, covered the forest floor and ancient Rimu and Totara trees towered above creating a dark dense walk.  If you’re in the area I highly recommend you check out this wonderful track.

4 thoughts on “Fern Walk, Pohangina Valley

  1. Hi Holly. Your photos are beautiful, as always. They remind me of bushwalks in Tasmania, where I lived for seven years. I really miss it! The natural bush is so peaceful.

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    • Good morning John, thank you! I’ve talked to Mike a few times about checking out Tasmania…it’s much closer now. I’ve got some friends who grew up there and rate it very highly… I absolutely adore walking in forests, they really recharge you. What did you do when you lived in Tasmania during those 7 years?


      • I really liked walking in the fern forests in Tasmania’s north; so cool and primitive! In answer to your question, I was transferred to Hobart for seven years to manage the superannuation business for one of Australia’s (then) largest life assurance companies. I fell in love with the place, but my poor wife found it too cold. I miss it terribly.

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        • Are you able to head back over for a short trip to enjoy the fresh air again? Is your wife from Western Australia? Honestly, if I wasn’t from Canada and had only experienced Western Australian weather my whole life, I’d probably not enjoy it so much…but for me, the cool is reminicint of autumn back home and I adore it.


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