Grandma Izzy


This past weekend we dropped in on Mike’s grandma in Fielding.  She is a keen knitter, baker and gardener and can often be found piecing together small squares into special blankets whilst watching sports.  Wes was gifted a one of these blankets before he was born, and it now proudly lay on his crib.  During this particular visit she asked if Mike might like to help her put together some colours for her next blanket.

And so they began the process (it’s complicated) of sorting out what the design should be.

Wes played with his Uncle Glen, and I cruised around taking photos of everyone and admired the plants.

Just about each time we have been over for a visit we have been gifted these incredible bouquets of flowers from her gardens.  I don’t think you could find nicer ones in the stores… I was handed a massive armful of flowers and have placed them in water and now we are admiring them in our kitchen.

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