Taranaki, to close 2016.


We’ve just returned from a few very nice days up in the Taranaki region at Kerry Lane (which is a charming little resort).  Mike’s brother Rayden had entered a tennis tournament so we travelled up with him and his partner Fredrik to watch him play.  Mike and Rayden also played a wobbly doubles match, and in between matches we took in the local scenery.

There was a really charming antiques shop that I managed to find a heavy cotton blanket (it has a gorgeous checked pattern in a cornflower blue with white as a base) that will be perfect for cozying up in the winter.  The blanket, I’d expect to pay somewhere between $100.oo-$200.00 as it is a luxurious heavy cotton.  The store offered 25% off and I scooped it up for a measly $12.00.  It’s hard to find quality in modern goods, so I was pretty stoked!

Whilst Fredrik and I browsed the store, Wesley began to squawk/talk to someone.  I turned and couldn’t help but laugh.  He was “talking” to a very creepy doll.  Minutes later the same thing happened as I approached another doll on the other side of the room.  Thank god, they didn’t talk back.  Though the woman who owned the shop joked she didn’t know what the dolls did at night when she left… I inwardly shuddered.

Taranaki country is quite hilly, and is spectacular to look at whilst driving around.  It’s located on the edge of the Western side of the country.  The mountain is an inactive volcano that is covered with walking trails and waterfalls.  It was here that we found my most favourite of favourite things.  Several species of native orchids were sprouting from the earth.  Actually Mike found them, just to be clear.  He’s getting quite good at it.

The images of the mountain were taken at dusk and dawn…and again during mid morning before our hike.

On the way home we stopped at our friends dairy farm and enjoyed a nice relaxing meal and played with the kids.

We travelled homeward, settled in, and rested.  The last night of 2016 we all tucked into bed for a much welcome sleep.  That is until Wesley woke and partied all night with his dad.

Today we rise to 2017.  We’ll all be another year older soon, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings.  Hopefully… just hopefully it brings a little more sleep.

We’ve just gotten word that some friends from Western Australia are booking last minute tickets to New Zealand for a holiday, and we’ll be seeing them in about a weeks time…2017 is kicking off to a good start!

We hope you have all made it through 2016 with fond memories too.

Holly, Mike & Wesley

Ps:  A couple of the photos of Wesley with family are some images from Christmas Day.  We had a really nice lunch at Mike’s mums which is just a short walk up the road.

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