Long Nights & Busy Days

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-1-37-12-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-22-at-1-37-53-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-23-at-11-11-03-amSoon our Wesley will be 8 months old.  Ah!  He has been a little squishy, cuddly gift of adventure, and has us feeling that overwhelming joy that parents all must feel when witnessing his first attempts at learning and exploring.

In other words…He is on the move!

He has 8 teeth, loves to “read” books and screeches longingly at Tess (whom has not yet made it clear that she cares about him, in any way).  We’re working on that relationship, mostly by encouraging Tess to come close but she’s clever and whenever the loud baby is present, Tess is not.

He’s learned some sign language as we started showing him a few signs at 3 months old.  He can show us he wants “more” “milk” “food” and “diaper change”.  You’d be surprised how much that has helped us communicate with him.  It’s all rudimentary at the moment, and will be a useful skill until he learns to say words we will continue to pair the signs with the vocal version too.  Apparently it helps them develop language faster.  Either way – it’s pretty cool to see how in tune he is with the world around him.  I met a mother whom was a psychologist when Wesley was very young and she encouraged us to give it a try.  To learn, I simply youtube searched for baby sign language (ASL particularly) and wrote down a few key signs we might need to use a lot!

Yesterday was a pretty major day for Wesley (even though he’s been quite sick).  For a few months now he’s been scuttling around sideways and backward and rocking a bit on his hands and knees.  After many months preparation, he took his first steps crawling!  Now that he’s learned, it’s like he never didn’t know how.  His face when he got it, was priceless.  That elation in cracking a complex problem…is universal!

We call him our nature baby, as he is very content to hangout in the grass and tress.

We did a 2 hour hike last week with his Aunt Lynda and friends.  Wesley took in the ferns and tall trees that shaded us (from this not-so-hot summer!) from the pack on my back – he talked throughout the trip, and particularly loved watching the little dog that was with us whipping through the trail.  Eventually he slept as I marched onward.  It was such a nice experience.

With all this wonderful progress comes a lack of sleep for us all.  For a couple of months now, with all the teeth coming in and the exciting skills he’s been picking up (along with few nasty colds) we’ve been up for some super long nights.  We’re bracing for a few more rough nights as he’s recently developed a fairly awful infection that has us comforting him through the nights.  It’s not hard to get out of bed when you know your little one’s needing cuddles and kisses.  We have placed a twin bed in the room and have been staying with him through the nights as we help him this rough patch.  With some glimpses of full night sleeps a while back, we have the promise of knowing it will come back in time when everything settles down.

He’s so amazing.  We tell him each day.

This morning after I woke, Mike came into the room for a quick kiss and placed a coffee on the bedside table for me.  I was left to rest and recover after spending a sleepless night comforting Wesley.  A bath was later drawn and a candle lit.  My favourite snacks were also produced, which made me smile and feel so special and loved.  He has been such a huge source of support and help during these past few weeks.  We’ve been leaning on each other these 8 months and while we sometimes struggle, it’s been a really special time in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Long Nights & Busy Days

        • hahah ah I can only imagine the carpet burns he may have had on his elbows? Wes was on his knees but was directionally challenged for a bit. He learned how to get places backward – which I guess means he takes a creative approach to interpreting the world around him ahah. Also, today I am literally running after him trying to keep him away from chords. My baby proofing wasn’t thorough enough! The good news is he is totally well now, and his teeth seem to have stopped coming in for now. We can all chill and enjoy our nights. Thanks for sharing how your little Ben moved about!

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