screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-18-43-amscreen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-19-01-amscreen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-19-15-amscreen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-19-33-amMy family spans the globe, from Arizona to Ecuador, New Zealand and Canada.  Whilst there are thousands of miles between us, we are all experiencing a painful, sudden loss.

We’ve lost an amazingly kind, gentle and loving man.  My Uncle John.

He had a hearty chuckle for a laugh, and a wonderful sense of humour.  I found it very easy to be in his company and always found myself laughing.  He and his late Jane raised two very intelligent and beautiful children, and brought me into the family fold as I connected with the family in my mid 20’s.

It was in the early days of knowing my Uncle as an adult that I fell in love with him and my Aunt Jane.  I saw two people who truly cared for one another.  In the tiniest of gestures I could see real love and compassion.  He cared for her in her final years, and bore the heartache of losing her to a devastating illness.  He was so incredibly brave.

My Uncle John, my friend – I miss you.  But I know Jane is so happy to have you back.

7 thoughts on “John

  1. Hi Holly, I know how much you loved them both. I saw John in August and he looked so well and he was happy at Dora’s 90th birthday party. Life is so precious.
    My heart felt condolences.

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    • Hello Therese, I’m so glad you were able to meet him. And yes, each day is so valuable – we must “use” our time on the things that matter most. Thank you for your message, it was really nice to read. I hope you’re well. I’ll send you an email shortly.


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