It happened so quickly…

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.54.43 pm

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.46.29 pm

Friday 14th April

I have been periodically looking at the stationary caterpillars this morning and was away from them about 20 minutes when this amazing transformation had already taken place.  We have one left to make the change into a chrysalis and I’m hoping to capture it on film…we’ll see if it manages to happen when we’re paying attention.

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the caterpillar shed it’s skin to become this capsule of green.

Saturday 15th April

The more smooth capsule photo was taken (3rd image down) after 24 hours.  The golden markings are quite beautiful and it’s simply amazing how delicate and yet ornate it is.

This morning we went to a little boys first birthday.  We’d wrapped a few books as gifts and were getting ready when I decided it would be nice to also gift him a monarch caterpillar with some swan plant leaves in a mason jar in the hopes that it too would transform for him and become a butterfly.  We were at the part enjoying the good food and company, when it came time to open the presents.  The mason jar was unwrapped and quickly a hush fell on the crowd.  The little boys father looked at me and said “My grandfather passed away one year ago, he bred butterflies.  My son Te Ahorangi was named after him’.  He had the faintest smile and it was apparent he was feeling sentimental…almost emotional.  It was a beautiful revelation.

It’s later in the evening on the same day – and Mike and I still are baffled as to the sheer coincidence and connectedness of the universe.  We have been pondering the odds of this happening…

Hopefully when the butterfly emerges we’ll be ready!  I’ll be posting more images as the week progresses.  I think we should have 2 butterflies emerging in approximately 6 days.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.43.09 amScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.43.24 am

Thursday 20th April

So far there have been little changes in the pods – the lines of the wings can be seen more clearly and the top end of the structure appears to be getting darker… this could mean maybe tomorrow we may see one open?  Finger crossed!

6 thoughts on “It happened so quickly…

    • Hi John, I had no idea that the DNA changed. Yes it’s just unfathomable how drastically the caterpillar changes in such a short period of time. We’re watching the second one still…it appears to be getting shorter but nothing really has happened.


      • I looked a bit deeper into this and was immediately over my depth. References to different types of DNA and RNA are everywhere, interspersed with big words far beyond my comprehension! The end result was that now I’m not even sure where I got the ideal from. Probably “Metamorphosis For Dummies”.

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        • Hi John, that’s funny I actually did the same thing the day that you mentioned it and also experienced a profound moment of “holy crap this is way too technical for me” ahha it’s kind of interesting to think the DNA has activators and specifically turn on the changes. I tried to imagine such times in the human body where there might be drastic change… the only time we morph so quickly is as a sperm & egg and then the embryo phase… the rest of our changes take years not minutes.


    • I know right – as a kid I spent so many hours looking on milkweed plants for caterpillars and never found one. In NZ they are literally everywhere! All my wildest dreams are coming true!


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