Help Ban Fracking in Western Australia

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 1.03.05 pmScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.56.23 pmScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.58.39 pmScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.59.40 pmScreen Shot 2018-03-19 at 1.01.08 pmIt’s been such a beautiful week.  We are so lucky to live in an area incredibly rich in outdoor activities.  We spent time at the beach, swimming at the pool, enjoying a picnic with a friend and ran amok in the yard as the sun began to set each night.

That being said – beyond our personal activities; today is an important day for the region.  The Inquiry into Fracking has now closed it’s scientific submission period.

I’ve written a personal submission and also helped local group P.O.W.E.R Eneabba with their group submission as well.  Many other concerned citizens across the region have also picked up pens, and participated in Lock the Gate workshops to prepare and submit for themselves.  It’s encouraging to see people have hope and passion to keep on protecting this special place.  A statement in the press claimed there were approximately 8,500 individual submissions received by the panel.

The loosely regulated gas industry has been causing disruption in the community since 2012 and are well poised to roll out the invasive gas wells across the region in as near as 2020.

Things are now coming to a head.

We now wait with baited breath to see what the results will be.

Here’s hoping that there are advocates for farmers, the environment and water rights amongst the policy makers sitting in office.

One way you can still help influence positive change, is to sign this petition/.

It calls on the government to impose a full ban on fracking to protect all citizens in the State of West Australia from the risks of water contamination, disruption to the local commerce, agriculture and ecology.

Can you help?

12 thoughts on “Help Ban Fracking in Western Australia

  1. We live in a coal and gas rich area also… it is hard for the little guy to win against the big business and local taxes that they provide for our communities. I wish you the best and if the best does not stop them keep up the awareness as water issues are a major complaint around gas wells. We have several friends who are now living with contaminated well water that you can set on fire right out of the tap as lose gas fallows the well pumps up into your house or you are now using what people are calling “Water Buffalo’s” or large cistern tanks instead of using their wells… the company pays for the community to bring you above ground storage for you water…. so sorry that you have to be part of this but we are all facing the new problems found in gas rich areas.

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    • Jolynn, I’m gutted to hear your region struggles with water quality. The government here has issued a moratorium to review the process of fracking (but not the full scope of the industry) until 2020 – which give us just a little more time. Sadly the panel of this inquiry all have not included the impacts economically to the region for tourism and also agriculture. It’s a waiting game for now…


    • Update: On a State wide radio program that hosted a panel discussion this morning, I was able to highlight that people in the region are being bullied and the government is not doing anything to create policy to protect them and the agriculture industry.


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