A quick change of palate

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.54.30 pmScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.03.39 pmScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.04.12 pmIt is the season of the sweetly sour feijoa, and until recently I’d not particularly enjoyed the taste. ¬†At all.

Wesley however has been enjoying the sweet and complex flavours for the past couple of weeks.  During this time many bits have been tossed onto the floor and I, being sort of lazy simply eat the little bits.

I’ve consumed enough now to know that I actually rather enjoy the taste.

The fruit hails from South America, and is found dropped from mature trees ripe and ready to eat. ¬†They sell for a heavy price at the grocery store – so it’s been a real treat having a tree at Mike’s mums for total gluttony.

The plate was a gift when we first moved in from Wesley’s great grandmother Izzy. ¬†I love it so much, I feel like it makes everything just a bit more fabulous in it’s golden rimmed form.

So this fruit, magically seduced me into enjoying it’s strange flavour.

Have you ever had a change of heart about a food you didn’t particularly like at first?

Everything else is fair game… apart from mushrooms, no matter how many I eat – my extreme dislike remains.

Collecting Seeds & Observations


Last week I harvested some seeds from our sage and cilantro plants. ¬†I just adore the flavour of cilantro. ¬†I know it’s love or hate for most. ¬†How do you feel about the herb/spice?

The petite seeds are now drying in our kitchen window. ¬†As I harvested the seeds, I made a small observation and then tucked it away in my mind. ¬†Several of the sage flower stalks had spiderwebs throughout. ¬†On those particular parts of the plant, there were very little seeds. ¬†In a way, it’s a small price to pay for the grounds keeping skills of the spiders. ¬†There were still plenty of seeds to collect from the rest of the plant.

Our agapanthus are just about to bloom, and are crawling with little spider friends.

The hive is well and happy.  Mike took a peek inside and saw they were beginning to shape comb.  Yey!

The garden is cranking out food – so much so that we’ve not bought any type of leafy green in nearly 2 months.

Our little patch of baby monarch butterfly caterpillars are all gone. ¬†Sadly, they were munched on by some very clever birds! ¬†The only reason we know that’s what happened is a bird left the decapitated head of a caterpillar for the sake of giving us a rather brutal clue.

Some really good food has been masterfully (totally bragging here) created in our kitchen over the past few months. ¬†I’ve taken to making buttery and garlic naan bread, palak paneer (with tofu) and Jamaican patties (with stuffings of spiced beans or even left over palak).

Here are some of the vegetarian recipes we have been leaning on:

This super easy¬†naan recipe is completely vegan and crazy delicious. ¬†We often don’t have any left by day 2!

These Jamaican patties took me back to¬†my teen years microwaving pre-made patties from the supermarket. ¬†We didn’t use mince, but chickpeas and beans instead.

This last recipe is for palak paneer. ¬†My all time favourite Indian food. ¬†I thought this might be quite difficult to make at home but it’s very simple and cheap too. ¬†I’ve made it with the paneer but found it’s just as good with tofu.

When bees swarm


The other night Mike rushed out and caught a hive that was swarming.  He had a bee hive box ready and promptly brought the lot to our house.  He found a nice place for them and hoped that the queen was inside.  When we checked in the morning it looked like all was well.

Yesterday afternoon however, as I went out to hang some laundry to dry, there was a mass of bees frantically flying around the house.  They were moving so erratically that I stayed inside until they settled on the trunk of a tree in our driveway.

I’ve not been stung by a bee in a few years now (despite having spent plenty of time around native bees in Western Australia by the thousands) I learned early on – it is true if you stay calm you’ll be of no notice to them. ¬†These images and video were taken only one foot away from the swarm. ¬†Mike and his brother called the “bee doctor” (a relative) after work and got some advice before they collected the bees, conditioned the hive again and transplanted them back

Collecting them is quite simple. ¬†In this case (we had a bee suit) the guys placed the hive back under the low hanging branch and gently pulled the swarm from the very top of it’s perch downward. ¬†This causes the bees to fall en mass. ¬†Which is actually a really cool thing to see happen.

So far this morning… all is well. ¬†Hopefully soon they will start to tend their eggs and begin to gather pollen and nectar.

Mr. Giggles



Mr Giggles.

This little giggly one is now near 6 months old. ¬†He finds plenty of amusement in the silliest of things. ¬†He’s curious and is constantly trying to work things out… like his jolly jumper. ¬†I’ve caught him a few times looking up at the main spring and trying to wrap his mind around how he gets the bounce in it and nothing else.

He has a really enthusiastic deep hearty laugh, that I don’t think we will ever tire of hearing it… Some nights before bed I play videos and Mike and I relive the little victories we’ve had getting to this point. ¬†He’s gotten so big. ¬†He’s now over 20 pounds!

Garden Update:

We’ve been harvesting (and eating) loads of kale, spinach, rocket, watercress and multi-coloured frilly lettuce. ¬†The little caterpillars are growing on our swan plants and just about everything we’ve planted has taken root and is growing really well (apart from our eggplant – can’t figure out what’s up with them!).

The sheep have grown just as quickly as Wesley…they are so plump now!

A Rainy Sunday


Last night the rain came crashing down. ¬†It sounded like bowling balls falling down, hitting heavy enough to cave in the roof. ¬†In the early morning we woke to a bit of a pond drowning our lawn. ¬†We’re loving the little boost to our rainwater tank and hopefully we’ll be sweet for most of summer.

Naturally it’s a bit wet and cloudy outside today – so we’re keeping ourselves entertained indoors. Wesley has been loving story time, and is just learning the enjoy the peek-a-boo game. ¬†He now has two teeth.

We’d intended to begin building some garden boxes from scavenged/reclaimed wood this weekend but may need to get that project started in a few days time. ¬†The past few weeks Mike and I have been planting and growing a variety of veggie seedlings, and will be ready to put those into deeper soil soon.

At this rate it’s looking to be a bit of a movie day.

Is there anything you’ve seen recently you would watch again? ¬†

We have Netflix as well…

We’d love to be exposed to some new films or tv programs. ¬†What’s on your radar?

I thought I’d share some music we’ve been listening to lately… ¬†The first three tracks are by kiwi artists.

Thomston – Collarbones

Kings – Don’t Worry Bout’ It (another Kiwi artist)


The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya (Hipst3r Edit)

Wentworth – You Don’t Know Me