The Forest Swords

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About a month ago – Mike and I were in a record shop (Diabolik Books & Records) in Mount Hawthorn looking for Cards against Humanity.  If you’ve not heard of this offensive game – please look it up.  We were hosting some friends and stayed up late with deep belly laughter over the rediculousness and creativity that came out of this game and our minds.  Warning – This game is not for the pure of mind.

Back to the record shop – we heard this intricate – unusual music playing. I was almost too embarrassed to ask what it was – but I knew it was obscure and the chance of ever hearing it again would be slim.

I. am. that. person.

desperation in needing to know < potential embarrassment

The sales person was really helpful and wrote down the artist and album for me.  “Forest Swords” the album – “Engravings”.  The entire album flows really nicely – and can indeed feel at times partly medieval spliced with indian sounds.  It’s relaxing and uplifting simultaneously.  If you’re keen to get a full copy – it can be bought on iTunes and was released in August 2013.

If you’re wanting to hear something a little different – or get a feel for what I’m rambling on about:

The Forest Swords – The Weight of Gold

The Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

Also – I’d like to thank a few friends and family for emailing and putting their hands up for the Australian/Canadian food swap.  I was too pleased to see quite a few emails waiting for me this morning.  Yey, you are all amazing!!  My junk food dreams might become a reality soon!

ps: The photo is from our camping trip in September – that is located in Fitzgerald River National Park.

pps: A slew of new music has been compiling on this list that I’ve been keeping here.

Happiness is ours, all ours.


These beautiful flowers are called Calytrix brachyphylla and can be found in Eneabba.

I feel great.  Amazing… Everything feels just right.  About a month ago, I earned a promotion at work, and while it has been really challenging, it has also engaged me in an entirely new way that I’m embracing wholeheartedly.  There is so much to absorb, but it’s truly an inspirational organisation.

Next week Mike and I are moving into our own place in the West end of the city.  We are both like kids in a candy store thinking about all the possibilities of having a gym, and our own space to spread out and be comfortable.  It’s been nearly two years that we’ve lived in this house in East Perth, but the market has changed and we can now afford to live in our own (Perth is generally expensive).  I’ll still be able to walk to work, as it will only be two blocks away.

The best part of the move (apart from the much desired privacy) is our proximity to Kings Park.  We will now be only minutes walking distance from my favourite place in Perth.

Redterrain on Sound Cloud – You’ll find fresh music that I’m listening to here.

Kiiara – Gold  (I am obsessed)

Kiiara – Tennessee

Mating Ritual – I Wear Glasses

Griz ft. Talib Kweli – For the Love (Big Wild Remix)

Years and Years – King

JR JR – Gone

Major Lazer – Be Together (featuring Wild Belle)

Tongues. – Religion

Zola Blood – Play Out

Icona Pop – First Time

RÜFÜS – You Were Right

RÜFÜS – Take Me

Adam Lambert – Ghost Town

MAMMÚT and more…

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Tessie, Bonnie and Chocco loving the long walk and spreading happy vibes

Every couple of months there appears to be a dry spell of decent music that is pushed out into the webisphere, and then suddenly it rains and pours.  I hold out for these days.  This has been the trend for the past two years. I spend a few hours each month listening to the backlog of music to listen to what’s been hyped.  This involves sorting through some garbage (you might even think some of the stuff I’ve listed here before is in that category) – and even a few of the choices below might not be like fine wine on your ears.

Here are today’s finds.   If you take a listen, let me know what you think.  I’m aaaaalways open to new music.  So if you feel like sharing with me… Could you let me know what have you been listening to lately?

MAMMÚT – Salt (this one is simply haunting – English Version)

MAMMÚT – Salt (Icelandic Version)

Wolf Alice – Bros

Slaptop – Sunrise

Litany – Woman (Feat. Appleby)

A$AP Rocky – LSD (Shemce Remix)

Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)

Baile – Matter (feat. Felicia Douglass)

Dillon Francis – Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)

Michael Calfan – Mercy

Higher Grounds & Lower Spectrum


Higher Grounds are three guys and one coffee cart who’ve moved into the building at work.  If you live in East Perth, and want a good “cuppa” before heading to the office you should check them out.

Lower Spectrum’s deep, echoing (literally) dark sound was playing on a record, in a shop a few weeks ago.

It stopped me dead in my tracks…

Dead. in. my. tracks.

Lower Spectrum – Nocturnal

Lower Spectrum – Cathedral

Lower Spectrum – Levity

All I know is the guy is from Perth.  You can buy the EP on vinyl or iTunes.

Here are a few songs I’ve been listening to:

Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)

Prints_ – Ghosts

Hollow Coves – The Woods

Atlas Bound – Talk (Jerry Folk Remix)

Let me know if you do listen, what you think…


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.45.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.41.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.39.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.38.57 PM

So I wrote a whole lot about my boring weekend…and then decided my photography wasn’t good enough.  Here are some photos of Tessie instead…

Have you discovered any good songs lately?  

Vetiver – Can’t You Tell

Band of Skulls – Hoochie Coochie (Dan Auerbach Mix)

War on Drugs – Red Eyes

Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing

Horse Feathers – Fit Against the Country

Gramatik – Muy Tranquilo (this track particularly is noteworthy for it’s upbeat soulful sound, I’ve had it on repeat).