Wildflowers, Frogs & Jumping Spiders in Warradarge, Western Australia

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.35.11 pmThis preciously small jumping spider was found along a fire break track that I was following during some time spent solo in the bush a couple of days ago.  There were two spotted along several kilometres.  Not sure of the identity just yet…Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.35.30 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.36.47 pmAn unusual flower?Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.37.00 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.36.30 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.37.57 pmEarly in the week to celebrate this little boys second birthday I took him to the ocean.  We also ate raspberry pancakes for lunch with maple syrup.  Mike was away for the official day but is home now and we’ll have a little party for him on Sunday with cake and his mates.  I can hardly believe that our little darling has turned two!!  Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.40.45 pmFound this tiny frog in the yard today whilst mowing the lawn.Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 5.41.02 pmAlso found this crevasse dwelling jumping spider in the grass later in the afternoon after the lawn mowing massacre.  The ground was just a scramble of insects trying to find new homes or prevent theirs from being looted by opportunists.

Bull ants and the rain.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.25.43 pmIt was looking pretty dire here until last weeks massive rain storm rolled through.  A week on and the ground is starting to look almost 50% green.  It’s incredible how quickly the germination has rooted and begun to bring more sustenance to these hard working mums!Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.25.29 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.25.19 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.25.09 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.27.12 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.27.36 pm

This is the shell of a woman who’s not slept deeply in two years… worth it though! Wesley is the happiest little person I’ve ever known and I’m feeling so grateful to be his mum.Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.27.51 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.28.03 pmThese are some pea flowers that were open a couple of weeks ago.  The road is starting to awaken and it’s looking like the rains are going to keep coming… hurray!!Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.20.53 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.24.50 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.18.12 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.18.24 pmFound these two lovers this afternoon – they are bull ants and god I’m horrified by the fact that they can also fly.  The male is clinging to the females back here.Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.26.12 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.26.22 pmScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.26.31 pmHere is evidence of some of the rain we’ve had recently.Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.26.37 pmThis is on the road just south of Amboseli.  It was here that frogs could be heard calling to one another – a sign that winter has finally arrived!

Australia’s best pizza found in Margaret River.

We’ve just spent three days in Margaret River.  It’s a three hour drive South to get to the heavily forested region.  The area is world renown for it’s winery and delicious food offerings.  The last time we were here was last July during winter, when it was wet and cool.  The whales aren’t around this time of year, but there is still plenty to see and do…

Eat, wine, explore, sleep.  Repeat!
Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.03.11 PM

Swings and Roundabout Winery.  For lunch we ate a Margarita wood fired pizza.  Honestly?  Hands down the best pizza we’ve had in Australia.  And I love pizza.  It’s a close second to Pizza Libretto – based in Toronto, Ont.  That’s saying something!  We also had pizza for dinner that night as well, at another place in town but it was not nearly as nice…even with the truffle oil.  Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.02.35 PM

A cute frog, which was poorly hiding from a very hungry kookaburra.  We had seen the bird swoop down moments before and pluck another from a leaf.  Poor choice in a hiding place…Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.51.21 PM

The Busselton Jetty, where we walked to the end of the 2km path and back.  We were too cheap to pay for the under water tour…and regretted not doing it when we moved on.  Curse frugal ideas!Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.53.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.54.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.56.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.57.07 PM

Slipper Orchid.  Approximately 1.5 feet tall.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.59.19 PM

The base of Lake Cave, the trees growing down here are 600 years old…and are the largest trees I’ve seen in Australia.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.59.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.00.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.00.43 PM

We toured two caves: Mammoth and Lake Cave.  We only paid for one…by accident.  We Saved $44.00.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.03.19 PM

Sugar Loaf Rock lookout…The first day we saw it.  The lighting was a bit off…so we planned to return at 4am for sunrise the next morning.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.03.30 PM

Mike found some crabs and small fish in this rock pool.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.04.58 PM

Millers Ice Cream – Margaret River (silky smoooth).  I tried fig and mascarpone it was insanely good.  Mike had ice-cream 4x in 24 hours.Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.06.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.06.57 PM

Sugar Loaf Rock – Dunsburough, second attempt this morning.  It was beautiful in the morning light.  We did not leave at 4am!  We left at the respectable hour of 8am.

On our way home today we stopped in a small town near Dunsborough.  Mike pointed out an antique event, and so we agreed to have a little competition.  The rules: $20 budget and 15 minutes to shop for a bargain.  Whoever sells at a profit (or the highest margin) will be declared the winner.  I purchased this vase.  Mike, keeping an eye out for the crazy cat collectors found this decorative pin.  A quick search on Google, shows that this vase was designed by Blue Mountain Pottery, made in Canada in the 1970’s.  I paid $20.00.  They sell for $200!  I may loose this competition however as I actually really enjoy it, and don’t want to sell.  Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.07.14 PM

Blue Mountain Pottery – Apollo Vase Circa 1978

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.37.58 PM
Cat pendant… No known origin or details as of yet.  Interested in purchasing this pin?  Get your bid in on Ebay.  Click this link!
Have you been to Margaret River?  What do you enjoy most there?
Where can I find amazing pizza in Australia?  Where would you recommend I go?