I don’t know you…do I?


I heard the question and turned to face an eager looking man.  He was in his 50’s, grey hair, kind eyes in a suit.

“Yes?”  He must have sensed I was confused.

“It’s me, Jim!”.

Holy crap I have no idea who this guy is…nothing in his face is familiar.  My brain is drawing a blank.  I stretch out my answer to give me more time to possibly recognize him.

“I, uh….I am really sorry but I don’t recognize you”.

He’s still looking at me with real earnest, as if I didn’t really forget who he was.

Damn I’m a douche bag for forgetting this guy.  How long ago might I have met him?  Maybe it was years?

There is a long and awkward pause when he finally says….

“Holly Stevens?”

“No, hahaha I’m Holly Martin”.

“OH!!! I am so sorry, I’ve not seen her in about 7 years!”.

I was so relieved that my memory was not playing games with me.  What are the odds this man would want to meet a Holly and confuse me with her?

I met “Holly” a few minutes later and we had a giggle.  The only thing we had in common was blonde hair…crazy!

This was all just before an interview I had this morning, I decided before I went to get a cookie to nibble on.  It was fate..

I also had an amazing day!