The power of hate speech trumps peace.


Last night we went to bed and grimly discussed the outcome of the American election.  Like most we were stunned at the results leading to Trumps landslide victory.

Waking up it’s almost like waking up from a nightmare and then that gutting feeling when you realise it’s actually still very real.  We can only hope that this mans time in office is brief and that tensions subside within the country.  The one thing this election has shown is that Americans aren’t happy with the system, and there is still a huge racial and economical divide across the nation.

I feel for the Americans who’s peace, inclusivity, and a safe place to call home may be in peril.

To learn more about what the future may hold for the divided country, you can read a piece the BBC published today listing 24 things Trump believes.  It’s not a fun read.

In the mean time, how did you think the elections were going to turn out?  Do you think Trump can bring anything positive to the nation?

Note on the photo:  This gigantic jumping spider greeted me yesterday in our garden.  I’ve not seen one this size since I spotted a similar species in East Perth.  He was about 2.5 inches long.

12 thoughts on “The power of hate speech trumps peace.

  1. I think most of us Aussies thought Hillary would win by a mile and we’re quite shocked at the outcome. Our media here has spent much more time covering your elections than our own. What is more unnerving is the current protesting. There will always be winners and losers. I hope for America’s sake, the losers settle down and accept the outcome and move on. Everyone seems to be fearful of the “what ifs” but who knows, perhaps this wont turn out to be a bad thing. Only time will tell and in the meantime people need to chill out and come together 🙂

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    • Hey thank you for weighing in Fluidicthought. (Quick note – I’m a Canadian living in New Zealand). I think people are concerned because the two candidates represented very different visions of America. I imagine it would be challenging… I mean how do you get behind someone who is the polar opposite of the candidate you voted for? I for one would struggle.

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  2. Holly it has been too long since I have had time to stop in!! But as person who lives in very rural America I knew this was coming… many rural less technological communities are suffering. With the loss of industry the middle class has no way to clime the ladder of success anymore. I live in a area where our economy is based mostly on Natural resources and industrial jobs. With my community losing jobs to mexico and with natural gas moving to other areas it is tough. I personally do not support Trump but he hit a nerve with people in my community. They want to work and they want jobs that pay better then minimum wage but may lack the education skills or live so far from a metropolitan area that high tech jobs are not available or wanted… He is for Coal Oil and Gas and manufacturing so my people want to see if he can deliver on his promises???? I am worried what he represents to the rest of the world and where he will lead us in the future, but the dice has been cast and we have as or leader now…. I just pray for him like the other 48% of Americans who did not want him as President.

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    • Hey Jolynn – it was quite late when I first read your message (feeding Wes at 4am!) and afterward I lay in bed thinking for quite some time. My thoughts went into a number of directions. I’m curious what it was that made you vote for another candidate when the majority of your community voted Republican? I believe Trump is out of touch with the working class – and it’s almost ironic that people voted for him because he was “self-made” and “not a part of the system”. He was made in the system and has worked it to his advantage (I’m skeptical that he will enforce a tax on the 1%). I agree minimum wage being something like $7 nationally is insane. That’s what I made in my first job ($6.45 in Canada) back in 2001 when I was 17. Now it’s between $10-$12 dollars depending on which province you live in…at that is still cripplingly low. New Zealand’s minimum wage also increased recently by 2% to reach $15.25 (which is still only just liveable if you share a house for rent or live with your parents). Inflation has increased the price of basic life and hopefully America will step up and pay it’s people a decent wage (I did see some States won that change during their vote). Australians make $18.00 per hour and get 4 weeks paid holiday with sick leave and some maternity leave too. I thought of being a mother in America and my heart hurt at the thought of putting Wes into daycare or leaving him home with other family at such a young age (some women are forced to go back to work straight away simply because they cannot afford to stay home). That system leaves children who are not fully bonding with their parents…in many cases that has greater implications for the good of society. I worry for the rights of women. The lack of respect toward women during Donald’s campaign was truly disturbing. I can’t wrap my head around why any woman would have voted for him. A lot of outsiders in many countries are really shocked by this result. None of us knew how mad the people of America were – and now with these protests it may really escalate. I feel skeptical of Capitalism, and wonder are we really free? We work for money, we live for money…we never have enough. I believe one day people will realise this whole time they’ve been played…and that we’re living in a new age of slavery. Only it’s Corporations that own everyone now.

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      • Holly, the main reason I did not vote for Trump is rude and very disrespectful to woman.. that is all it took to for me to say “NO” this is not the man for me or for any woman that I can think of. I also believe that you have hit the nail on the head when you believe we may be slaves to Capitalism… and now we have a Capitalist President. I am worried we maybe richer in money in the end of 4 years but worse off socially as a country that struggles to take care of our peoples basic needs. We are the richest country in the world with children who still go to bed hungry, with people who still live on the streets and in the very near future may not even have the health care that every person should have a right to. Holly if this president did not have the money to back himself… would not have been able to run for this office during this election…. He would have lost all of his financial supporters very early on. Companies would have had step away from his hysterical behavior…But he did not need them he ran on his own dime and had one to control him… He bought our Presidency and now we have to live with it.

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        • I wonder if the people can rise up and redefine what true democracy is? Particularly how people run for office and make running an even playing field for all Americans. Joylnn I feel for you and all the others who were disappointed that this megalomaniac is now the “face” for America. Politics is an ugly game, but I don’t think anyone thought it could get this ugly.

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