Maslin Nude Beach – Adelaide

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Mike and I spent 5 days just before Christmas in Adelaide with his brother (along with his parter) and sister.  One of my favourite places was indeed the nude beach (about 25 minute drive from the city centre).  The beautiful sediment, with it’s rugged layers exposed to the wind, sun and waves…drew me from the clothed side of the beach to the nude.  Mike tagged along and slowly we made our way closer to the cliffs.  On the way Mike and I discussed nude beach etiquette…

We didn’t really know any rules.

Have you been to a nude beach before?  Do you know what the guidelines are?  

I made sure to never take a photo when I was near any one, and distinctly kept the camera pointed to the sand to assure people that they were safe and I was not there to photograph them.

I was in the middle of taking a photograph of the succulent above when Mike asked me if I could hold onto something for him, as I was in the midst of taking a photo I held out my hand blind only to discover his shorts in my hand.  This made me laugh, and I smiled at the spontaneity and confidence he has… He does have the perfect bum.

There are plenty of wineries in the region, which is highly regarded (South Australia produces some of the countries best wines) and of course we tried some wood fired pizza at an italian vineyard before we hit the beach.

Adelaide is a smaller city, and while we only saw portions of it during our short stay, we really enjoyed the laid-back vibes and the opportunity to spend some quality time with our family.
The images above feature:
  • Three joyous dogs playing at Maslin beach.
  • The cutest tush in all the land.
  • A small bird befriending me for some carrot cake in Adelaide’s botanical gardens.
  • A dainty jumping spider in Rayden and Fredericks (immaculate) garden.
  • Mangrove trees, leeching and filtering ocean water to survive and also breeding a gazillion mozzies in it’s rotten boggy bottom.
  • Handorf – a little German town just outside of Adelaide which is about as kitsch as it gets.
  • A German lunch of sausage, potatoes, sauerkraut and steak (I ate pickles, smoked cheese and coleslaw with dense bread and a tomato chutney.
  • The mushroom pizza, top winner in the 4 types we choose to eat over lunch before travelling to the beach, bloated and not at all hungry.
  • A salt lake, located beside the mangroves.  It was trespassing to take that photo, and I lost a sandal in the process.

22 thoughts on “Maslin Nude Beach – Adelaide

  1. Nice photos….good post !
    Naturist beach etiquette should really be just like it is on all other beaches. Why people think they can do other things they wouldn’t normally do anywhere else is sad. Sad too people think a naked body is only a sexual thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed. An interesting observation at this space….

      As a female at this beach, I actually was not comfortable getting naked around so many single men (85%). The ration of female to male was relatively low which put me off. If it were more even or mostly women I probably would have ditched my clothes too. Maybe that’s my insecurity or just weariness of people who are there for sexual reasons?


      • I suppose its all about perception of the naked body by both sexes. I’m totally straight and maybe once saw female bodies and something sexy. Now many many years later and a naturist activist I see male and female bodies pleasant to look at,natural to look at,but not sexual in a way that’s a turn on. I might like the odd photo here and there but more from a freedom view because I understand how it feels,at the same time its different because liking male photos can get you too many gay men following,which im not against if their just naturists. You’d probably find that most of the single men were there just to be naked becau

        Liked by 1 person

      • Damn i lost my post….lol
        You’d probably find most of the men there just wanted to be naked and the general attitude of society towards women made you feel wary. My partners the same apart from we’ve attended many naturist events and she’s more at ease naked around other naked people. Take the plunge sometimes and hopefully you’d like it and it will open your mind even more to nature and the natural world and maybe expand your creativity like it has done mine.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Activist, yes I can see how it’s liberating. Perhaps I watch too much terrible news about terrible people. I actually photographed a project that featured nude strangers…. I’ll show you the link. At the end of the first photo-shoot (the image in colour) I also joined in and ditched my clothes. There were 10 women and 2 men and I was very comfortable, we were all laughing and it was a lot of fun. I guess I feel more free around women…


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