A Rainy Sunday


Last night the rain came crashing down.  It sounded like bowling balls falling down, hitting heavy enough to cave in the roof.  In the early morning we woke to a bit of a pond drowning our lawn.  We’re loving the little boost to our rainwater tank and hopefully we’ll be sweet for most of summer.

Naturally it’s a bit wet and cloudy outside today – so we’re keeping ourselves entertained indoors. Wesley has been loving story time, and is just learning the enjoy the peek-a-boo game.  He now has two teeth.

We’d intended to begin building some garden boxes from scavenged/reclaimed wood this weekend but may need to get that project started in a few days time.  The past few weeks Mike and I have been planting and growing a variety of veggie seedlings, and will be ready to put those into deeper soil soon.

At this rate it’s looking to be a bit of a movie day.

Is there anything you’ve seen recently you would watch again?  

We have Netflix as well…

We’d love to be exposed to some new films or tv programs.  What’s on your radar?

I thought I’d share some music we’ve been listening to lately…  The first three tracks are by kiwi artists.

Thomston – Collarbones

Kings – Don’t Worry Bout’ It (another Kiwi artist)


The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya (Hipst3r Edit)

Wentworth – You Don’t Know Me


13 thoughts on “A Rainy Sunday

    • Hey Judy, I loved Hunt for The Wilder People – it’s the funniest film I’ve seen in ages. Poi E – I’ve seen write ups on it in the newspaper here. I’ll see about getting it. What we did on our holiday was pretty funny as well – we saw it about a week ago? Really clever film about families…the kids were brilliant in that one!


  1. Hi Holly !
    I don’t get out to movies much but I
    been following a series on tv called
    Miss Fishers Mysteries . This a series
    based on an Australian author’s books .
    I can’t rember her name but if you can
    get it I think you will enjoy it .
    Nice to hear from you
    Uncle John

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