Drugged, and Floating.

Today, I’m feeling about 55% normal.  The drugs are still floating around and I feel woozy.  I’m resting, with the window open, the soft light and the fresh cool air blowing into our bedroom.  I’m watching Downton Abbey (which is brilliant in my opinion).

I’m having one of those moments where I wished Mike would cuddle me, and stroke my hair and tell me I’ll be better soon.  Just imaging it is comforting…

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 4.44.09 PM

 A wee little hulk.  Looking good little guy (or girl).
Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.49.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.50.29 PM

It all began yesterday, when I started to develop a crippling headache just at the end of work.  I had a doctors appointment the same evening but I knew it would be difficult to make it.

I lay down for a rest at home, with the blinds closed for darkness.  I was nauseated and the pressure was building.  I was no better after 1.5 hours.

I wrote Mike a message on my phone explaining how I was feeling.  You see, he is away and I’m alone again.

I took some medicine and waited.

Still no relief.

Mike urged me to get to the doctors.  I waited, but knew he was right so I called a taxi, and drug myself outside.  I sat like a dejected girlfriend on the curb of our street (anyone who was passing by would have assumed I’d been kicked out of the house).  I hid my eyes from the afternoon light, and tried to control my breathing.  I’m sure I looked like a wreck.  I heard a car stop in front of me and toot it’s horn slightly.  It was the cab.

I tried to tell the man where I needed to go, but my breath caught me and my eyes began to water from the pain in my brain.

164 Wellin- ton street…..   please.

I was leaking tears from my eyes and terrified I would vomit in his car.  I sat with my eyes closed.  I wonder what he was thinking…or if he thought anything at all.

The window of the front seat brought a strong cool current of air to my face which distracted me briefly from the surging in my stomach.

The ride was less than $10.00.

When I slowly made my way into the doctors office, I was scared stiff.  I had taken medicine and nothing was improving.

The receptionist helped me, with a tissue and water as I was falling apart in front of her (more tears!).  I can only recall one other migraine I’ve had that made me feel this ill (when we lived in Melbourne).  It was the day I closed a formal function for 180 people for $24,000.  I was elated, but shortly after the meeting ended; I was floored by a crippling migraine.

The doctor found me, and brought me to a room to take a few pills.  She also jabbed me in my butt with the biggest needle I’ve ever seen in my life.  I lay still there for 2 hours before I was able to feel my brain relax.

Thank my lucky stars.  I was so relieved.  Mike during this time had tried to call, and I knew he was worried.  I picked up a small bag of groceries and took another taxi home.  We spoke when I got in, though I remember telling him I felt drunk.

I ate smoked oysters with cheese and sesame crackers, along with some cracked pepper smoked salmon on turkish bread, with cilantro, aioli and lettuce.  It was heaven.

I fell asleep.

Have you ever had a migraine?  How do you cope?

8 thoughts on “Drugged, and Floating.

    • Hey mom, I know dad had some serious trouble with migranes. I don’t normally get them, but this one was a monster. I knew with dads history that I should see someone, especially since I was home alone…no one would be able to help me if something went wrong!


  1. I have suffered from migraines my whole life, so I understand completly. I don’t usually get the crippling pain, but I get the vomitting…and when I start I can’t stop. The pain goes, but the vomitting stays all day. Then I am so tired the next day that I can’t do anything.

    I have started using an ergot based med, (which is dirt cheap here, and over used, causes rebound headaches, and can be dangerous), but it stops the pain and I haven’t vomited in a year! I am very careful about how often I use it, but it really has made my life easier. I can make plans and not worry about having to cancel because I am sick, (which happened all the time).

    And I think Downton Abbey is a great way to rest! Hope you are feeling better.


    • Wow, you must have really suffered! That must have been awful, and awfully frustrating. I’m glad you’re on medicine that can eleviate the pain…

      Today I am feeling ok, and its been 2 days. I had a dull headache for both days following, and was generally very weak.

      Hope you can one day find a way to be off the medicine…that would be a joy… but if not that’s ok too! My dad has been on medication for migranes for a long time.


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